It's like we are all blind.

I am so angry at myself because I miss you and I don’t want to let go of you. I think the end of this is like that time I hit my hand and it didn’t hurt at all the first day but after I couldn’t move it without screaming from the pain. Maybe I was numb to it when you fucked me over and I thought I was okay without you but now I can’t even hear your voice without wanting to beg you to take it back. I’m scared that this and you will always be a part of me like how my hand still makes a clicking noise when I flex my fingers.

You broke my heart before I even realised I had given it to you.


Morning on the Seine, Clear Weather ~ Claude Monet


Morning on the Seine, Clear Weather Claude Monet

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Looking the best you can is a show of respect to those around you.

- Tom Ford

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Maybe when we die, the first thing we’ll say is, ‘I know this feeling. I was here before.’

Li River, Guangxi Zhuang, China



Li River, Guangxi Zhuang, China


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The problem with happiness is that it ends and I’m so scared that when it does, I will be ruined.

I’m trying so hard to hold on to this.

I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.

I’m beginning to realise that you might be less than the sum of your parts and that when I am with you, I am too.